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View of Cardiff from Psychology Tower, 1009x600 pixels (119.0K) View from my office over Cathays and Roath, 1318x800 pixels (153.0K)

Cardiff Bay, 4807x567 pixels (65.2K)Cardiff Bay, 4997x693 pixels (143.0K) Cardiff Bay, 4603x455 pixels (66.3K)

Cardiff Bay, 4610x426 pixels (59.6K)Cardiff Bay, 453x607 pixels (46.3K) Cardiff Castle, 650x513 pixels (56.9K)

Norman keep, Cardiff Castle, 848x630 pixels (119.2K)Cardiff Castle, 671x529 pixels (95.4K)Cardiff Castle, 655x560 pixels (88.2K)

491x667 pixels (85.2K)Cardiff market, 461x581 pixels (88.1K)Cardiff Arcade, 458x630 pixels (75.5K)Cardiff Arcade, 422x563 pixels (57.6K)

Bratwurst, 648x612 pixels (112.9K) 553x402 pixels (63.7K)800x600 pixels (103.6K)

780x628 pixels (92.0K)School of Psychology, Cardiff, 605x427 pixels (56.8K) Woodville Pub, 776x623 pixels (104.7K)

Please note: For further information on the capital of Wales see — or visit me to see for yourself.
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