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Every web author hopes for a receptive and pleased audience. But to determine whether he or she succeeds in this endeavour, the audience somehow needs to respond. To make this as easy and entertaining as possible, this site currently features the following means to provide me with your feedback:

On the other hand, you just might read this sentence because you're bored and want to be entertained or amused. In this case, feel free to explore the fun and games section:

  • Language games — a few funny gems for English and German speakers.
  • Arcade games — a perfect way to while away some idle moments.


Opinion polls

By participating in my opinion polls, you have a quick and easy way of providing some feedback, as well as influence the future content of these pages. Please note that all your answers are completely anonymous if you do not enter your name.

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Don't spare me your opinions!

Contact me: Criticism, suggestions, and feedback

As I'm really very interested in your views and opinons, there are several ways to contact me. Especially if you happen to dislike something about me or these pages you really ought to tell me — for otherwise I don't really have a good reason to change it. Please feel free to get in touch via one of the following options:

  • By signing the guestbook you can leave a lasting mark on these pages.
  • In the discussion forum you were able to raise issues which are of interest to you, as well as comment on the issues raised by others. However, as I've reached the conclusion that this feature was rather unnecessary, it has now been discontinued.
  • By using a feedback form you can conveniently (and even anonymously) contact me. (However, in the case of abuse I do reserve myself the right to publish messages on future versions of these pages.)
  • Alternatively, you can always send me an email message.

Language games

Not a form of contacting me, but a growing collection of funny gems for English and German speakers >>


Arcade games

There are many things about our past that are best forgotten. But these classic retro games ought to be remembered as living testaments to (and warning against) our not-so recent youthful pleasures. If you're not suffering from nostalgic shudders upon hearing their theme tunes you probably haven't been around in the 80s. Here's your second chance:

  • Space invaders — 'Star Wars' for the simple-minded and the grandmother of all alien battles (as well as the sad destination of much of my teenage pocket money). Your mission is simple: Save the world from being invaded by those creepy alien bugs! Still beats Quake & Co., if you ask me... >>

  • Pacman — a greedy yellow blob is trapped in a maze and haunted by malicious ghosts: what a terrific plot for a heroic saga! To avoid going mad or getting devoured, he starts swallowing those delicious white pills. But be careful: This psychedelic game is seriously addictive. [My current average score is about 14,000 — not a lot for someone, who once was able to play this game indefinitely. Perhaps that's what 'growing up' means?] >>

  • Simon — not really a classic arcade game, but a great exercise in memorization and chunking. Can you repeat a sequence longer than 7±2 tones? Having a musical mind surely helps. Quite intrituing are comparisons between scores when playing with or without sound, w/o colour, rhythm etc. ('multimodal encoding'...) >>

  • Pong my favourite version of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, or was it Wimbledon? >>

  • ReacT measure the speed of your reactions (or assess your level of alertness or intoxication) >>

  • Tic Tac Toe another playground classic: Can you beat the computer? >>

Please note: You need the Macromedia Flash 5+ plug-in [download] to play the games. They all have been programmed and kindly made available by Neave's Webgames.


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