Southerndown & Ogmore, Wales
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Brecon Beacons

— Southerndown

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Southerndown, Dunraven Bay, 952x426 pixels (77.3K)

Southerndown, view towards Nash point, 1024x768 pixels (278.9K) Southerndown beach, 717x538 pixels (175.8K)Southerndown beach, 934x657 pixels (204.0K)

Southerndown, 2143x428 pixels (162.8K)

Southerndown cliffs, 675x660 pixels (128.8K)Southerndown beach, 514x710 pixels (131.3K)

View towards Nash point, 990x397 pixels (88.4K)

Ogmore, 566x461 pixels (69.1K)Southerndown cliffs, 983x679 pixels (208.8K) Southerndown beach, 921x714 pixels (173.9K)

Ogmore castle, 952x416 pixels (83.3K)

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Southerndown (Dunraven Bay) and Ogmore-by-Sea are located about 20 miles to the West of Cardiff, South of Bridgend and South East of the industrial town of Porthcawl. As the Welsh coast features the world's second highest tidal range (with up to 16m difference between high and low tides) the sea reaches the cliffs at high tide, but opens vast sandy and rocky beaches at low tide. Information on specific beaches and daily tide times can be found at this BBC Wales site, a street map is available here. Check out Rob Hartill's site for additional (and very nice) pictures of the same area.
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