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Password restricted areas

As it sometimes can be difficult to find the right balance between public and private I've decided to restrict access to some galleries through username and password combinations:


Code combination*

Who else wandered along the coast of Southerndown on 12/04/2003?

  • Username: first name (short version, lowercase letters).
  • Password: country of citizenship (English name, lowercase letters).
Whose wedding did I attend July 12/13, 2002, in Freiburg, Germany?
  • Username: first name of the groom (lowercase letters).
  • Password: first name of the bride (lowercase letters).
  • Username: My mother's first name (in lowercase letters)
  • Password: My mother's maiden name (in lowercase letters)*

Initiation rites

In which public house "X & Y" was the arrival of the new Psychology postgraduate students celebrated on 28/09/01?

  • Username: X (in lowercase letters)
  • Password: Y (in lowercase letters)


  • Username: First name (in lowercase letters)
  • Password: Date of birth in format dd/mm/yy
    (i.e. 31st of December 2001 would be 31/12/01)
  • Username: Last name of this person
  • Password: Suzy's ingroup
    [If you want access to this gallery, ask the protagonist]

Night out
in Cardiff

  • Username: First name of the Cardiff Psychology PhD student who celebrated his birthday on 19/06/01
  • Password: Location of the venue [abbreviated name]

US friends

  • Username: First name of my friend in NYC
  • Password: First name of my friend in Boston

Self portraits

  • Username: upon request
  • Password: upon request

*: All usernames and passwords are in lowercase letters. Please transcribe German Umlauts (e.g. 'oe' for 'ö', 'ue' for 'ü' etc.)..
†: Thumbnails only (or mainly), to gain space for new galleries.


I hope you will understand these measures of precaution. Please don't hesitate to contact me, if you wish to have access to a gallery.

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